What It Is, Causes, Signs, & Homeopathic Treatment of Depression

DEPRESSION is a condition that causes extremely low and sad mood, that can last for weeks, months or even years. Everyone, at some point in their lives, feels sad, low and dejected, but when this sadness begins to infiltrate into a person’s behaviour, relationships and work, it is called Depression.

Depressed people feel a general lack of energy, lack of interest and sometimes, obsession with suicidal thoughts. It is like living in a “huge black hole”.

What happens in Depression?
Quick Look
Mental SymptomsPhysical Symptoms
Extreme and prolonged sadnessOverwhelming fatigue and exhaustion
Lack of interest in everything with feelings of irritabilityWeight loss or gain
Severe sense of guiltUnrefreshing sleep with either drowsiness or sleeplessness
Thoughts of committing suicideDisinterest in sex with decrease in sex drive
Types of Depression
  • Major Depression:
    • Symptoms should be constant everyday for at least 2 weeks.
    • ‘Down the black hole’ is the constant feeling
  • Atypical Depression:
    • People with this type of disorder have associated bad experience in childhood.
    • Both physical and emotional symptoms are associated.
  • Chronic Depression:
    • It is mild, less severe and chronic.
    • It can be periodic, occurring at fixed intervals of time.
    • Genetic factor can be associated.
  • Bipolar Depression:
    • Depression occurs in alternation with periods of mania, wherein the individual feels unusually ecstatic, hyper and aggressive.
  • Seasonal Depression:
    • It happens every year at the same time.
    • Usually it is seen at onset of summers or winters.

What are the causes of Depression?
  • Traumatic events: Many times, certain events like terrorist attacks, mass murders, earthquakes, etc. may have a deep impact on a person and cause depressive episodes.
  • Stress: Stress at home or at workplace is one of the most alarming causes of Depression in long run.
  • Abuse: Depression is common in those people with a past history of physical, sexual or emotional abuse.
  • Unfortunate events: The death of close family member or friend naturally brings grief to an individual. But if it is prolonged or affects daily activities, it becomes a cause of concern.
  • Financial losses: Unemployment or sudden loss of job are among the most significant causes of Depression in majority of people.
  • Emotional losses: Failure in relationships with parents, children, friends, spouse or disappointment in love may also cause depression.
  • Medications: Certain medicines like steroids and antiviral drugs can cause low mood as a side effect.
  • Heredity: Depression has also been seen to run in families.
  • Personality trait: Certain people who are inherently anxious and hyper-reactive by nature are more susceptible to Depression. 
  • Serious and chronic physical illness: Person suffering from prolonged chronic illnesses and terminal diseases can plunge into serious depressive states. Other causes of Depression include neurological diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and even Epilepsy.
  • Substance abuse: People who are addicted to alcohol, tobacco, medical and illicit drugs may progress into Depression.

How to cope with Depression?


  • Unconditional love, patience and care are vital to healing.
  • Be aware about the disease. The more information you will have, the more equipped you will be in dealing with the disease.
  • Seek counselling and share your fears, stress and problems with your loved ones.
  • Increase social interactions and indulgence in recreational activities.
  • Enrol in stress-management classes or practice yoga and meditation to calm the mind.
  • Be positive. Avoid negative thoughts. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • Never criticize the patient or show lack of respect towards the patient.
  • Never ignore the symptoms of patient as trivial.
  • Try not to bring up the topic of Depression again and again in front of the patient. Help him/her lead a normal life.

How well Homeopathy works in Depression?

Depression, if left untreated, can thrive and feed upon itself and have the power to consume life.Homeopathic Treatment For Depression is the safest and most holistic of therapies for this hydra-headed monster.

Homeopathy will relieve you effectively and safely without any side effects.

  • Natrum Muriaticum: Indicated in people who have strong inner feelings of grief, anger, romantic disillusionment. They get angry on being consoled and brood over past grievances.
  • Pulsatilla: This medicine is very effective in people who are shy, mild and sensitive. There is despair of happiness, discouragement, indecision and impulse to hide or run away. Great flow of very changeful ideas.
  • Ignatia: One of the best remedies for grief or hurt that has remained unexpressed. Frequent feeling of lump in the throat with involuntary tendency to sigh. Accompanied with physical ailments like headache, cramps and insomnia.
  • Aurum Metallicum: Excellent remedy for serious, hardworking individuals who become depressed if they feel they have failed in their duties. Such people can fall steeply into self-reproach, self-loathing and emerge with suicidal tendencies.

It is, however, worthwhile to remember that self-medication is not recommended.

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