Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Beri® Homeopathic Consultation with The Dynamic Team

Dr. Krishna Beri

I have always had faith in age-old traditional methods of healing and therapies. I found homeopathy to be one of the finest alternative medicine.

As matter of interest I wanted to know more about it but it was only after my marriage I truly opted homeopathy. One of the greatest support throughout was my husband, Dr. Jai Pal Beri who later also developed a keen interest in the subject.I think he did understand the need of a women to be independent in every aspect of life and it is only because of him that to date I am living a respectful life. 

Dr. Shalini Beri

When I witnessed the efficacy of homeopathy and keeping in mind the changing medical reality, I knew there is nothing else I’d rather do in my life than homeopathic medicine.

I have always wanted to have both, a blissful family and a rewarding career. Accordingly, I initiated practising medicine much later in life. I guess it was all about reaching an ideal work-life balance.

Dr. Vir Beri

Originally, being fascinated to have a career in Medical Jurisprudence, I completed my graduation in law and homeopathy all together from Calcutta, my native.

I was even more honoured to have found someone like my wife Dr. Shalini Beri, who completed homeopathy from the same institution.Destiny played it part and I relocated to Amritsar, Punjab.Realising that legal medicine might not be at its greatest extend over here,  I started working at hospitals until I decided to start my own company and since then the journey has been exceptional by God’s grace. 

Dr. RanVir Beri

Believe it or not, I am a third-generation homeopathic physician who was born and raised here, in Amritsar. I suppose you could say that a passion for healing humanity runs in my blood. That’s how I ended up pursuing and achieving my Bachelor’s degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery at Panjab University. I’ve been practicing for the past three years, refining my holistic and individualized approach to ensure total wellness for all of my patients. Currently, I am serving as a Homeopathic Consultant at Dynamic Homeopathy.

Additionally, I am Co- Founder of Nocturnal Nomads, a local event company, and a member of the Rotary Club Amritsar Aastha. In my free time, I enjoy tennis, swimming, bike riding, trekking, and photography. I am a foodie and a vegan who loves to connect with others. I strive to make my practice pleasant, compassionate, and memorable by infusing the experience with my jovial attitude and free spirit vibes. I can’t wait to work with you in balancing and restoring your health!

Dr. Sheetal Beri

I am a homeopath with special interest in behavioural and mental health issues. I believe in providing extra dimension to health and wellbeing by understanding the unique needs of each patient and helping them maximize their full potential. My work has always been and forever will be guided by my beliefs & commitment to People, Service and Results.